Trail Maintenance Crew Leader Class

Particitpants will learn: How to safely lead trail maintenance crews, how to walk a trail and reconize maintenance issues, how to give safety and tool talks.

    The day will include: Hiking around 1-3 miles, kneeling, lifting, pushing, pulling, digging, chopping. Also standing and/or sitting on the ground for disscusions and breaks.

   GOAL OF THE DAY: To gain skills for leading trail maintenance crews in a safe manner. Learn how to meet the standards of the differnt types of trails. How to get to know your crew and where to fit them in on the trail.

   EXPECTATIONS OF LEADERS: To teach and/or instruct, in a safe manner, the basics of leading a crew on a trail maintenance work party.

   EXPECTATIONS OF PARTICIPANTS: Show up on time, be aware of saftey issues, have all the gear required, be prepared for what the day will include.

   A STEWARDSHIP WORK PARTY PURPOSE: Be safe, Have fun, Get some work done.





Day pack, Long sleeve work shirt, long pants, sturdy boots and gaiters, gardening type gloves and eye protection; Essentials as for any trip into the back country; Extra colths for the day and after the day; Lunch, snacks and drinks.

Provided: Helmets, tools and map.

Required: multiple activities scheduled, students choose one

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