Private Property Near 8-Mile

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Private Property Near 8-Mile

Posted by Dennis Miller at July 03. 2014

There is a cabin just north of 8-mile, on the other side of Lion Creek. We would not need permits or have class size limitations there because it is privately owned.

The terrain is similar to 8-Mile, in the sense that there is a large bench backed by rocky bluffs. There are many excellent slabs in the area, even better than 8-Mile. The boulder selection needs close-up investigation (I did not want to trespass without permission). But from the adjacent USFS property, there appears to be suitable rock, though not as much variety as 8-mile and not as concentrated.  In general the area rock, has a lot of moss and other debris, so some cleaning would probably be prudent. 

A navigation exercise could certainly be devised, but it may be necessary to encroach on USFS land to get some travel distance.

I have no idea if we could get owner permission, a circumstance that is complicated by the fact that the property is currently on the market.

I rate this location as feasible, but needing a fair amount of work to approach the standard set by 8-mile. 

Re: Private Property Near 8-Mile

Posted by Dennis Miller at July 08. 2014

Evaluation checklist attached

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