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Requirements of New Location

Posted by Dennis Miller at July 03. 2014

Features of site for teaching of skills:


  1. Friction slabs: Edging and smearing
  2. Boulder Field
  3. Cross country travel: Scree, talus, loose gullies
  4. Technical rock moves/bouldering: Mantling, cracks, counter pressure, downclimbing, layback
  5. Example of class 4 section with limited exposure
  6. Navigation practice: A location that has geographic features identifiable on a map, for map & compass practice
  7. Rope work: A location for anchoring a rope on a short slope for emergency descent practice


 Features of site for accessibility & logistics:

  1. Accessibility (roads in reasonable condition, snow-free by mid-April)
  2. Parking capacity for a group of vehicles
  3. Private and uncrowded area
  4. Reasonable drive from Everett area
  5. Overnight camping close by
  6. Preferably not on National Forest or DNR-managed land
  7. Favorable weather likely
  8. Overcrowding unlikely
  9. High certainty that location will be available for long run
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