Sam Hill, Mountain Home, Peshastin Pinnicles, Chatter Creek

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Sam Hill, Mountain Home, Peshastin Pinnicles, Chatter Creek

Posted by Dennis Miller at July 02. 2014

Sam Hill Land Trust:

  • This was by far the most promising site.
  • It's located right at the mouth of Icicle Canyon, 3.5 mi from Leavenworth.
  • Excellent quality rock; could probably do a lot of skills there.
  • Being a land trust, it is not subject to USFS permitting regulations.
  • The biggest unknown is, where exactly the boundaries of the land trust and USFS land are.  Unfortunately, it looked like the farther you get from USFS land, the lower quality the rock is.  Andy is going to try to sort this out with GPS coordinates.
  • One aspect that is still totally unknown is whether the land trust has permitting restrictions.  Andy has been working on that; no reply yet.
  • One obstacle is parking. There are pullouts on the road that can provide for about 12 cars.  But probably not any way to "reserve" those parking spots.  One idea from Andy: perhaps we could contract with a rafting outfitter in town for parking and a shuttle bus.

Mountain Home Land Trust:

Just took a look from a distance.  Looked very poor; just a smattering of scattered boulders.


Peshastin Pinnacles State Park:

  • Not very good; could provide for perhaps one small group.
  • The park is a technical climbing area.  It has a couple very small rock scrambling areas, but there are signs posted to not travel off the trails (erosion concerns), which of course is the exact spot where we would ideally want to go.
  • Total unknown whether the park permits instructional courses, and what the permitting restrictions would be like.

Chatter Creek Campground:

  • Not very damn good.
  • Rocks are very limited for what skills could be taught.
  • Rocks are very mossy & covered with dirt and pine needles; would need lots of cleaning.
  • Elevation (2,600') is too high to be accessible at the time of year we typically conduct the Rock FT.
(see attachment for details)

South Tip of Wenatchee Ridge:

  • Unable to scout due to overgrown road.
  • There is a second road approaching the site, but we ran out of time to try that road.
  • Would take a lot more work to scout this site.
  • Very high elevation (4,000') - would not be snow-free until ~late June.



Re: Sam Hill, Mountain Home, Peshastin Pinnicles, Chatter Creek

Posted by Dennis Miller at July 03. 2014

Add evaluation checklist for Peshastin State Park 

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