Lumping permit requests together

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Lumping permit requests together

Posted by Dennis Miller at July 03. 2014

Were told by the USFS that permit requests are evaluated separately based on numerous factors like type of activity, date, location, etc.  The PC told us that we would not even need permits if we were considered a hiking activity (which we ultimately were not).

Our field trip is conducted at a low-traffic location, during a low-use time of year. It does not interfere with any of the roped climbing routes (which are rarely busy, anyway) . Yet it seems like we just gets lumped together with climbing requests for the more popular areas.

Might it get better consideration if it were a separate request or some other way distinguished from the climbing requests?

Honestly, we have no idea of what the application looks like or even if our request was part of it, so this is "fishing" for a plausible explanation for the logistics that resulted in us losing our days.  It's inexplicable to us that our request wasn't considered on the merits of it's location, schedule, and impact). Conversely, it's inexplicable that if days were granted to the Mountaineers based on those merits, that the days were allocated to climbing activities without those merits, instead.

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