Scrambling Rope Techniques Workshop


Scrambling Rope Techniques Workshop - The Eaglet

Placeholder for Scrambling Rope Techniques workshop field trip (Day 2 of 2). Further info TBD.

  • Strenuous 2, Technical 2
  • Challenging


Frontier Village Shopping Center

Lake Stevens, WA


This workshop will focus on how to use a rope and a few other lightweight pieces of climbing gear.  Intended for Everett branch scrambling leaders and prospective leaders; at this session, cannot guarantee any spots for other branches.   Leader permission required -- let us know about your experience and your training.

This session will be outdoors (Day 2 of 2), and will be a skill test format.  (Day 1 of 2 is the learning / practice session.)


  • Group gear (rope, a few extra carabiners and slings, etc.)
  • Knots
  • Types of ropes (static, dynamic, half, double)
  • Scrambling emergency rope descent system (including guiding a frightened scrambler through the steps)
  • Low-angle rappel techniques (arm, dulfersitz, Munter)
  • Low-angle belay techniques (boot-axe, carabiner-axe, hip, Munter)
  • Discussion on anchors -- trees, snow, rock

The Eaglet

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

> Boots & gaiters

> Ice axe

> Hasty ("diaper") harness, locking carabiner, Prussik loop

> Shovel (if you have one)

> Slings (1 or 2) (if you have them)

> Scrambling rope (if you have one)

> Snowshoes

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