Baker Lodge Friday Night - Work Party - 10/4/19

Baker Lodge Friday Night - Work Party - 10/4/19

Join us for the Baker Lodge fall work party! Help give back to the Lodge while enjoying fall colors, excellent food and great company.


Adult member (age 14+) $0.00
Adult non-member (age 14+) $0.00
Youth member (age 13-) $0.00
Youth non-member (age 13-) $0.00

Join the Baker Lodge Committee for the annual fall Baker Lodge work party.

We welcome anyone willing to put in a day of work to give back to the Lodge - whether you have specific skills (electrical, carpentry, plumbing) or just eager to help, we'd love to have you.

Tasks include: brush clearing, cleaning, painting and small maintenance tasks involving plumbing and carpentry.

RESERVATIONS ARE RESTRICTED TO WORK PARTY PARTICIPANTS ONLY. By signing up, participants agree to commit to actively participating in the Lodge work party tasks and chores on Saturday and Sunday.

Food and accommodation are included in your stay (free of charge).


If you have a medical device that requires electricity at night please contact the lodge host for the weekend.

For more information about the Baker Lodge see the main Baker Lodge website.