Spring Fundraising Drive

Spring Fundraising Drive

Each spring, The Mountaineers utilizes the momentum from #GiveBIG to kick-off a spring fundraising campaign that continues until we reach our goal. This year, we’d like to ask your support to reach our fundraising goal of 300 donors and $30,000 in charitable contributions through gift renewals, small gifts, and first time donations.

No gift is too small - It all adds up to  big change.

Donations received via #GiveBIG and our spring fundraising drive will support The Mountaineers Annual Fund which allows us to invest in the highest priorities of our organization and ensure financial sustainability for all program areas no matter the economic landscape. 

When you make a gift to The Mountaineers:

  • You provide need-based scholarships that reduce outdoor access barriers across our seven branches so that no one is left behind when considering their outdoor dreams. 
  • You make our Gear Library a reality, providing boots, clothing, and equipment so that youth, adults, and families have access to reliable gear to keep them safe in the outdoors.
  • You elevate our Conservation and Advocacy Program and help us to create courses such as Public Lands 101 and Low Impact Recreation, which teach environmental citizenship to our 14,000-person membership base and beyond. 
  • You extend recognition and leadership development opportunities to the 3,000 volunteers who create courses, activities, and seminars to teach safe and responsible outdoor recreation.
  • You equip our community with critical infrastructure so that volunteers and staff have the tools we need to deliver programs, publish books, and get more people outside. 

Main Image: Mountain Workshops with Franklin Pierce School District at Mailbox Peak

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