Teen Programs

covid-19 fall update: teen programs are happening in modified versions that align with the mountaineers' covid-19 protocols. this may mean small-group meetings/outings and moving more activities outdoors, among other more minor modifications.

The Mountaineers Adventure Club (MAC) is a year-round outdoor adventure program for youth ages 14-18 in Seattle and Tacoma. Members meet monthly to plan outings and learn skills to participate. Note that MAC Members must be 14 years old by January of the year that they join.

The youth members plan all of their outings, with guidance from adult advisers. From single-day outings to week-long camping trips, activities include rock climbing, whitewater rafting, hiking, car and snow-cave camping, cross-country skiing, and mountaineering. While attendance at everything isn't required, the more meetings and outings you attend the more rewarding the program!

In order to build a cohesive community, MAC registration is available only in September and January.

Ready to Join MAC?

Our Mountaineers Adventure Club is open to all youth aged 14 and over. Youth must turn 14 years old by January of the school year in which they join to be eligible.

Learn more about the MAC program at your branch:

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