Mountain Workshops Outreach Programs

Through Mountain Workshops, The Mountaineers partners with local youth serving agencies to deliver single or multi-day experiences designed to expose youth to transferable outdoor skills.

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Mountain Workshops Outreach Programs

Mountain Workshops are designed in collaboration with group leaders to meet the educational goals of the group. Broken into 1 hour or ½ hour activity blocks depending on the age group, the curriculum is designed to match the goals of the visiting group and impart on the youth participants a desire to explore and conserve the outdoors. 

A flexible, hands-on curriculum teaches safety and appreciation for the environment. Participants learn skills applicable to almost anything youth will do for the rest of their lives: communication, planning, overcoming obstacles, and team-work.



*Salmon Safari's are run out of our Kitsap Branch. Learn more on the Kitsap Mountain Workshop page.


Mountain Workshops are currently facilitated out of Kitsap, Olympia, Seattle, and Tacoma. Select your location to learn more about getting your students involved and to see what would fit best for your program.:


Past Partners

Past partners include: the YMCA, John Muir Elementary School, Bailey Gatzert Elementary School, SPARK This, Hope Place Family Shelter, Brettler Family Place, Franklin Pierce High School, and more.