Meany Lodge

The Mountaineers oldest winter sports resort, located approximately 60 miles east from Seattle off I-90 near Stampede Pass and surrounded by the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Meany Lodge provides a warm family environment for all - perfect for winter and summer adventures alike.

Visitors to Meany

We are planning to use the Lodge as a base for COVID compatible work parties and outdoor activities throughout the Spring and Summer, as meeting together as a community is so important to having healthy lives.

During the summer, Meany offers a range of activities including biking, hiking, mushroom hunting and the opportunity to learn all sorts of skills during work parties to prepare the lodge for next winter's snow.  Come learn to splice ropes, maintain tracked vehicles, weld, split wood, do plumbing or carpentry, maintain trails, and more!

Follow the Meany Lodge Facebook page to see photos and videos from our Spring Carnival that took place on March 6.

Operating in the age of COVID-19

Following the the Mountaineers COVID-19 policy and the Washington State guidelines, we have developed plans to  operate while managing the risk of COVID transmission.  These plans mean that this year will be unlike any other at Meany, and we ask that everyone show each other extra patience and empathy.

We are mountaineers -- it's in our creed that everyone in the group is responsible for doing their part to keep the group safe from all risks, including COVID-19.  All participants are expected to have and wear a mask  when inside or whenever gathered in a group.  Participants are expected to keep their distance from people outside their quarantine pod.  Anyone feeling sick is asked to stay home.

Meany Lodge itself will be closed - only the bathrooms will be open.   We ask that only the cooks and their helpers be inside the Lodge during the day.

Meals will be served outside or in the Zoo - our  vehicle maintenance garage.

Most guests will be camping in tents on the property -- we have lots of nice tent locations!

We are working with the Safety Committee and the health department to determine if it is permissible for fully vaccinated individuals to sleep inside one of the shared dorms inside the Lodge with the windows open.


UpcomING Events

  • Work Party #2  June 5-6, 2021 -  Free! Come spend Saturday working on the campus and Sunday playing: hiking or biking.  Likely jobs include pick up fallen branches from around the campus to reduce fire hazard, splitting wood,  pruning branches on the trails and ski hill, greasing the rope tows, and starting maintenance on the snow cats.

Driving Directions to meany Lodge

Coming to Meany Lodge during the summer or fall (typically May to November)? Here are the summer driving directions to Meany Lodge.

Important Details  


    Please contact us for rates for private rentals and Mountaineers events.


    Q: Do I need a parking permit to Visit Meany?

    A: During the Summer and Fall you can drive all the way to the Lodge where parking is free.

    Q: Where can I find out more about Meany Lodge's fascinating history?

    A: Check out the Meany Lodge History page.

    Q: Are private groups allowed at Meany? 

    A: Yes! If you are looking to hold a secluded seminar or a rustic day/weekend retreat, whether it be Northwest Trackers, Sierra Club, a school function, a family reunion or even a wedding, rates are per person for day use or room & board.  Contact us for special rates for non-profit group use. 

    Q: Is there a map of the cross-country trails?

    A: The website for Crystal Springs has a nice geopdf of cross-country ski and dog-sled trails in the area.