Edge of the Map Book Talk

Edge of the Map Book Talk

Join us for a very special evening as we discuss the 2020 mountaineering season in the Himalayan Range, the history of women in mountaineering and the new book, "Edge of the Map: The Mountain Life of Christine Boskoff" by author Johanna Garton. Joining Johanna will be Vanessa O'Brien, a British-American mountaineer and business executive who was the first British/American woman to summit K2.

Edge of the Map encapsulates a dramatic and inspiring adventure story based on the life of trailblazing mountaineer Christine Boskoff and her partner Charlie Fowler. Taking place in locations from the Midwest to the South to the Rockies to the Pacific Northwest, Nepal, Pakistan and Tibet, readers follow Chris’s rise in the sport as she climbs alongside a cast of legendary alpinists and Sherpas. Carving her own path, Chris’s journey through a life in the mountains is one full of both elation and hardship, but ultimately triumph.

The evening will kick off with a cocktail hour and book sales, followed by an entertaining presentation and panel discussion, raffle with proceeds benefiting US Nepal Climbing Association, and a book signing.

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