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BeWild 2015

BeWild launched last summer with great presentations that carried audiences along on epic adventures: kayaking through the Svalbard Archipelago, on an ascent of Denali, hiking on the Wonderland Trail, and on a mission to protect the wild heart of the Rocky Mountains.   Read more…

Know the Snow Video Contest

The deadline has been extended for "Know the Snow" video contest.

Use your video camera to tell the story about how you and your crew get ready to ride and explore beyond the resort boundary. You have a great chance to win some amazing prizes. 

Learn more and enter. 

Property Maintenance: Help Us Keep a High-Quality Presence on the Mountains

As stated in  our book "The Mountaineers: A History," the oldest of the Mountaineer's ski lodges, Meany lodge, was built in 1928. The Stevens "Ski Cabin" (as it was called at the time) opened in 1948, and Baker Lodge opened in 1959. However - let's not forget our "first in the west" forest theater on the Kitsap peninsula, which was dedicated in 1926! 

Each of these properties' committee leadership would love to have the help of people looking to help maintain and enhance the locations they steward on behalf of the organization. The properties are used by our many activity leaders to help run and administer courses, by members and the public at large who want to spend a (more comfortable) night on the mountains without long commutes, as well as our Mountaineers Players and youth programs in Kitsap County! Help us maintain our longstanding presence as stewards of the outdoors, by helping with the upkeep and improvement of our properties!  Read more…

Lodge Cook: Host our Guests like only The Mountaineers can

Meany lodge is the oldest of the Mountaineer's ski lodges. Situated near the meandering Yakima River, and surrounded by the lush, peaceful Wenatchee National Forest, it is a welcome respite from the chaos of cities and commercial ski areas. Its committee leadership would love to extend an invitation to all people looking to contribute to The Mountaineers through hosting at the Lodge and helping make the guest experience one of the best they will have all winter.  Read more…

Optimize your conditioning for a successful season of hiking and backpacking!

Sheri Goodwin, a certified personal trainer and veteran of trekking adventures all around the Northwest and overseas, now runs a business focusing on helping others succeed in similar life-changing hiking and trekking journeys.     Read more…

Photo Contest: Tell us what the Pacific Northwest means to you and win a prize pack fit for adventure

The Mountaineers have been part of the Pacific Northwest since we were founded in 1906. We are pioneers and adventurers. 

Young and old, new and seasoned, passionate teachers and eager learners – the outdoors bring us together. The Pacific Northwest is our home. Read more…

Be a part of the Friction Slabs Project

The resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another

A large, thick, flat piece of stone, concrete, or wood Read more…

Almost Toast - Munter Rappel Goes Bad

The student climbed to the top of one of the pinnacles on the climbing wall and set up for a rappel using a Munter Hitch. He constructed the Munter properly and was checked out at the top by the instructor. Good to go, the student unclipped his personal anchor and began his descent. Read more…

Announcing the Freedom 9th Edition Revision Committee Chair

We are thrilled to announce long-time volunteer, two-time Seattle Climbing Committee chair, instructor, and climb leader Mike Maude has agreed to lead the Freedom 9 Revision Committee. Mike brings to the committee his solid knowledge of climbing, strong leadership and consensus-building skills, and the experience of working on the past three editions of Freedom. As climbing chair in Seattle, Mike oversaw the adaptation of the Basic course to the new Magnuson campus and the change to the small-group "SIG" format ("Small Instruction Group"). On Freedom 8, he was the section head of the Snow, Ice & Alpine Climbing section and co-author of the updated ice climbing chapters. Mike is already at work assembling his team and planning the revision. We also want to thank all of the people who expressed interest in the position!  Read more…