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10 Essential Questions: Erik Swanson

For our member profile this week we spoke to Erik Swanson, a bsnowshoer, hiker, scrambler, and electrical engineer, on why he's inspired by his fellow Mountaineers.  Read more…

Tacoma Branch Involvement Opportunity

We are seeking a new Treasurer, who will  have the luxury and pleasure of working with our current Treasurer as he/she transitions into the role!  With her support and training, you will have the chance to observe and participate in this spring's budgeting process so that you  will be familiar with branch activities and their committees  next year! 

The Tacoma Branch Treasurer's responsibility is to oversee Branch financial affairs and support activity committees  to ensure sound budgeting and tracking practices are in place that empower our programs to operate effectively and reach the most people possible. Read more…

How To: Extended Rappel with Autoblock

Extending your rappel, when done safely, offers many advantages including improved ability to manage the autoblock, and convenient set up of saddle bags if needed. 

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How To: Crevasse Rescue

When a climber on your rope team yells "Falling!", drop in to self-arrest and stop the fall immediately!  Once the fall is stopped, follow the following steps: Read more…

How To: Belaying - A Friction System


Belaying - a friction system

One of the first important safety skills a climber must learn is how to belay.  Belaying is a way of managing the rope, using friction created by bends in the rope around a carabiner and either a hitch or belay device, so that should the climber fall, the rope, and you, will halt the fall, keeping the climber safe.  Check out this video from Climbing Magazine which illustrates great belay technique.

How To: Belay Escape

If a climbing partner is seriously injured, and there are limited resources to get help, it may be necessary to tie off the climbing rope to remove yourself from the belay system, so you can investigate, help your partner, or go for help. Read more…

Mountain Workshop Bailey Gatzert Volunteer Instructor

Bailey Gatzert Elementary School is located in the International District. It is extremely diverse communities of students with over 50% of the youth receive free or reduced lunch. Read more…

Announcing Colin Haley: Expect the Unexpected April 11th

When we told you to Expect the Unexpected on April 11, we weren't joking. Now that you know we're welcoming Alex Honnold as our special guest for the evening, we'd like to announce he'll be joined by a friend of his who also happens to be a Seattle native and world renowned alpinist -  Colin HaleyRead more…

Olympia Branch Stewardship Advocacy

Olympia Branch Members Jim French, Greg Lovelady, Ginger Sarver, Richard Geier, Carla Jonientz, Mike Riley, Regina Robinson, Curt Rosler, and John Sisco  took it upon themselves to make sure that The Mountaineers' presence was felt with our state legislators at the Big Tent Rally Day on February 24th, 2015. The Big Tent Outdoor Recreation Coalition is an umbrella organization formed to highlight the importance of our state’s outdoor recreation sector in enhancing Washington’s economy and its reputation for healthy and active living. Our Olympia Branch volunteers "did us proud!" Read more…

How To: Training with Back-to-Backs for Backpacking Trips

When getting ready for a multi-day adventure, the best way to train is through “back-to-back” weekend outings. Carry a weighted pack, two days in a row, while training and your backpacking, climbing, scrambling or sea kayaking adventures will be that much more comfortable, so you can focus on the scenery rather than your muscles. Read more…