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Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Dec 2017

Name: Dennis Day
Hometown: Lake Forest Park
Member Since: 2008
Occupation: Educator
Favorite Things to Photograph: Macro, landscapes, long exposures, macro. Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Nov 2017

Name: Heidi Walker
Hometown: Grew up in Monroe but now live in Edmonds
Member Since: 2003
Occupation: Desk Jockey at a nonprofit
Favorite Things to Photograph: flowers, landscapes, and people out adventuring Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Oct 2017

Name: Doug Schurman
Hometown: Woodland, WA
Member Since: 1993
Occupation: Finance Director
Favorite Things to Photograph: Birds Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Sept 2017

Name: Michael Montgomery
Hometown: Kennewick, WA
Member Since: 2004
Occupation: Software Engineer at Amazon
Favorite Things to Photograph: Things that sit still. Flowers and landscapes. Definitely not birds. Read more…

Webinar: A Sideways Look at Clouds - September 21

Join us on September 21 for the next Mountaineers Books Web Series episode with author Maria Mudd Ruth. Maria calls herself an accidental naturalist and has written more than a dozen books about natural wonders that have, one, fascinated her and, two, she became obsessed with learning about.  Maria’s new book, A Sideways Look at Clouds, shares her curiosity about clouds and what she’s learned about them—why there are so many variations, what they tell us, how far away they are, and why they are even there, among much more. Read more…

Photography Hikes During August 2017

At The Mountaineers, we love to hike! For members of our photography committee, we typically plan shorter, easier hikes to accomodate plenty of time to photograph nature. We took two hikes during the month of August 2017.  Read more…

Calendar Photo Contest Winners

During the spring and early summer, the Seattle Branch Photography Committee held a calendar photo contest. The rules were simple: we invited Seattle Branch members to submit photos portraying an activity of one of the club’s committees (photography, climbing, hiking, backpacking, skiing, sailing, kayaking and scrambling), to include landscape and nature photography. Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Aug 2017

Name: Barbara Retelle
Hometown: Originally from Tiburon, California, now in Maple Valley, Washington
Member Since: 2001
Occupation: Retired Read more…

Photography Scavenger Hunt at Pike Place Market

You don't always need to leave the city to get outside and enjoy the surroundings (while getting some exercise). Last weekend, a group of Mountaineers from the photography committee headed to Pike Place Market for a photo scavenger hunt. It was also an opportunity to check out the new section of the market shortly after it opened to the public. Read more…

Photo Contest 2017 - Olympia Branch

Olympia Branch members: we want your BEST - photos that is! We're hosting a photo contest and we can't wait to show off your great photography skills to our community. Follow the instructions below to submit photos in one of 8 categories to win recognition and eternal bragging rights. Read more…