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Calendar Photo Contest Winners

During the spring and early summer, the Seattle Branch Photography Committee held a calendar photo contest. The rules were simple: we invited Seattle Branch members to submit photos portraying an activity of one of the club’s committees (photography, climbing, hiking, backpacking, skiing, sailing, kayaking and scrambling), to include landscape and nature photography. Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Aug 2017

Name: Barbara Retelle
Hometown: Originally from Tiburon, California, now in Maple Valley, Washington
Member Since: 2001
Occupation: Retired Read more…

Photography Scavenger Hunt at Pike Place Market

You don't always need to leave the city to get outside and enjoy the surroundings (while getting some exercise). Last weekend, a group of Mountaineers from the photography committee headed to Pike Place Market for a photo scavenger hunt. It was also an opportunity to check out the new section of the market shortly after it opened to the public. Read more…

Photo Contest 2017 - Olympia Branch

Olympia Branch members: we want your BEST - photos that is! We're hosting a photo contest and we can't wait to show off your great photography skills to our community. Follow the instructions below to submit photos in one of 8 categories to win recognition and eternal bragging rights. Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - July 2017

Hometown: Seattle Washington
Member Since: 1970
Occupation: Retired Engineer
Favorite Things to Photograph: Mountain scenery Read more…

Canon Explorers of Light Presentation with Stephen Johnson - Nov 17

Join our Seattle Photography Committee on November 17 to enjoy a presentation from photography pioneer Stephen Johnson. We're partnering with Canon as part of our Speaker Series featuring expert photographers from around the US. Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - June 2017

Name: Jon Shields
Hometown: Queens, NY
Member Since: August 1996
Occupation: Health & Environmental Investigator
Favorite Things to Photograph: Things he finds while hiking; landscapes; musicians; the occasional abstract Read more…

Enhance Your Nature Photography Skills

Braided River is teaming up with Explore Green to host a Fall Nature Photography Workshop at Sundance Mountain Resort led by acclaimed conservation photographers Amy Gulick, Carl Johnson, and Dave Showalter. Each will bring their expertise and passion for wild country to this hands-on workshop. At the foot of Utah's towering Wasatch Range, the stunning Sundance Valley offers the ideal setting for an immersive photography experience. Read more…

Enjoying The Outdoors With New Knees

For the past ten years, I haven't been able to hike. My knees were severely arthritic and the pain was so great that it got to where I couldn't even stand for more than 15 minutes without crying. I tried to not let it stop me. I was in my late 50s, felt 20 years older, obese from not being able to exercise, losing muscle tone, depressed, and not wanting to leave the house. It was time for a change. Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Member of the Month - May 2017

Name: Karen Portzer
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Member Since: 1981
Occupation:Accounting Analyst
Favorite Things to Photograph: Mount Rainier, Safeco Field, Architecture, Nature, Travel Read more…