Stonerose Fossil Beds

Stonerose Fossil Beds Dig & Geo Hike

Stonerose Fossil Beds (Republic) 1-2 half-days. Small fee for collecting permit plus equipment, including hammer, chisel and bag. Great opportunity for hands-on exploring at Washington's premier fossil site where fossils are abundant, but not always easy to find. Among the 45-50 million year old fossils you may find from this ancient former subtropical forest/lake environment are birds/feathers and "mostly leaves and fern fronds, but also insects, fish, flowers, fruits and seeds." Paleo interpreters at the Stonerose Interpretive Center will help you identify your fossil discoveries. You may keep up to 3 fossils and interpretive center will retain significant fossil findings for its research collection. Bring safety glasses & paper towels (for wrapping fossils). Easy hike, less than 1 mile RT minimal gain. For more info, see and Hike 45 (Hiking Washington Geology).

Kettle Crest (optional hike, 17mi E of Republic, via hwy 20)0)-geology/naturalist hike to view metamorphic formations (schists and gneisses) in the massive Kettle Gneiss Dome area, a warped up dome-like structure. Formation of the dome occurred 48-60 million years ago. Panoramic views of Kettle Range. Up to 4-5 miles RT, 1200' gain, 5510-6780' elev. Hike through forest of lodgepole pine, subalpine fir and larch among granitic boulders to higher, more open views. You'll see mineral and crystals in outcrops along the trail, colorful gossan formation, twisted and contorted schist and gneiss from deep earth origins. Approaching summit of Columbia Mountain, formations with some containing large feldspar crystals and views toward Sherman Peak. At summit are panoramic views of Okanogan Highlands, covered 15,000 years ago by the Cordilleran Ice sheet.r flora, and more. Enjoy botanical opportunities (forest, lichens, etc.) along the trail. 4-5 mile RT easy/moderate hike, 1000' elev change (6580-7600' elev). Optional hike on Friday (on own) or with group during weekend (Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning), time and interest permitting. For more info, see Hike 46 (Hiking Washington Geology). Topo Map: USGS Sherman Peak. This replaces Freezeout Ridge hike, which has some poor road access and hunting activity in vicinity during September.

Curlew Lake Nature Trail, Curlew Lake State Park (optional hike, 1.6mi loop, 9 mi from Republic). Enjoy good birding, perhaps a few dragonflies and deer, and sweeping views of Curlew Lake while hiking among pines and over grassy bluffs. Optional (on own or with group) evening hike Friday or Saturday, or early morning Saturday or Sunday. Discovery Pass required for day use visitors; no pass needed for Curlew Lake SP campers. Hike #15, Day Hiking Eastern Washington.

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  • Parking Permit Required: see Land Manager
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 12

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