Talapus Lake Trail

A moderate, 4 mile round trip day hike with 1,200 ft in elevation gain. The trail goes up through forests to two secluded lakes. In winter, a strenuous snowshoe routes leads to Ollalie Lake and Pratt Vista.

getting there


Take Exit 45 off of I-90 and turn north onto Forest Road 9030. In 0.8 mile at the junction with Forest Road 9031, stay on Forest Road 9030 by turning sharply right. Continue 2.4 miles to the Talapus Lake Trailhead (2,800 ft).


Take Exit 45 off of I-90 and turn north onto Forest Road 9030. Often the road is blocked by snow not far from the freeway.  It's best to park here unless the road is snow free to its intersection with Forest Road 9031.

on the trail

Hike 1.7 miles to Talapus Lake (3,250 ft) and another 07 miles to a trail junction (3,700 ft). Go straight and descend 0.7 miles to Olallie Lake (3,800 ft).

Snowshoe Route

Pratt Vista

Pratt Vista is the ridge due north of Olallie Lake between West Granite and Pratt Mountains. Follow Forest Road 9030 9030 to the Talapus Lake Trailhead (2,800 ft). Follow the route of the summer trail if you can.  If you loose the trail, it is better to stay higher than lower to avoid steep terrain down near the creek.  When you reach Talapus Lake, continue heading north. At ~3,600 ft traverse east to Ollalie Creek and cross it where you can (this may be ver near the Ollalie Lake) and continue to 3,800 ft on the southeast side of Ollalie Lake. Follow the route of the summer trail as it heads north around Ollalie Lake. At ~4,000 ft and northeast of the lake, the summer trail bends to the left. Leave the trail here and ascend north to the ridge.  If avalanche conditions are “considerable” or higher, keep to the left to stay more in the trees, otherwise, keep right to have more open terrain.  Upon reaching the ridge, enjoy the view of Pratt to the west, Kaleetan to the north, and Tusk O’ Granite to the east. Follow the ridge west then southwest to just past the lowest spot on the ridge at 4,150 ft.  Turn southeast and descend the forested slopes to the outlet of Ollalie Lake and retrace your route to your car.

InformaTION FOr leaders

Permit information

As of 2017, the Snoqualmie Ranger District considers Mountaineers trips and courses to be "nominal use". Leaders should print and copy this designation letter or carry a digital copy on their phone to show rangers they may see on trail.

  • Suitable Activities: Backpacking, Day Hiking
  • Seasons: June, July, August, September, October
  • Weather: View weather forecast.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 4.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,220 ft
  • 3,780 ft
  • Green Trails Snoqualmie Pass Gateway No. 207S
  • Green Trails Bandera No. 206
  • Red Marker
    47.397777, -121.486545
    47.3977774953 -121.48654461
  • Red Marker
    47.424092, -121.509265
    47.4240917024 -121.509265423

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  • Talapus Lake
  • Olallie Lake
  • Talapus & Olallie Lakes
  • Pratt Vista

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