Kitsap Cabin & Forest Theater

The Mountaineers property on the Kitsap Peninsula includes the one-of-a-kind outdoor theater and World War I era cabin, used by The Mountaineers Players and the Kitsap Branch.

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Upcoming Activities

Intermediate Climbing Lecture - Kitsap Cabin & Forest Theater

Climbing Lecture: Intermediate Climbing Course
Ice lecture
Wed, Jul 25, 2018
No Prerequisites
6 participants 6 instructors
Registration closes Jul 23
Kitsap Branch

Wilderness Navigation Lecture - Kitsap Cabin & Forest Theater

Navigation Lecture: Wilderness Navigation
The Navigation classroom session includes a lecture on map, compass and navigation principles and a
Thu, Oct 4, 2018
No Prerequisites
4 participants 0 instructors
Registration closes Sep 24
Kitsap Branch
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