Burrows & Allan Islands

Paddle around two islands in the San Juans near Fidalgo Island and Anacortes. Currents are an interesting feature of trip and a "figure 8" around the islands is recommended.

Launch points

  • The beach just east of the Washington Park Boat Ramp.  Launching from here you will go around Fidalgo Head twice. 
  • South side of Anacortes, west of Flounder Bay.  This launch is more protected and avoids rounding Fidalgo head.  If conditions prevent return to Washington Park, you can land here and walk to your cars.


Launch Washington park and paddle a figure eight around the two islands for a 9nm day.  

Currents are an interesting feature of this trip.  The trip can be done in any currents, if you pick your route and use eddies to make progress when the current is against you.  A figure eight means that you will be paddling against currents at some point and makes for great practice in paying attention to the local conditions.  Currents are strongest in a flood tide.  A clean 3-4 kt eddy line develops at the northeast corner of Burrows island on a strong flood.  

There are two landing points for breaks.  First is the marine trail camp side on the east end of Burrows.  On the west side of Burrows you can land in the small cove just north of the light house and walk up to the light house.

This is a great place for practice in wind and waves.  In a strong southerly blow you can launch from the protected beach south side of Anacortes and paddle in the lee of Burrows up to the light house where you can then make short forays into the seas coming in from the straight.  

  • Difficulty: Sea Kayak III
  • Land Manager: Land Manager TBD
  • Parking Permit Required: None
  • Default Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 16
  • MapTech Rosario Strait No. 106
  • MapTech San Juan Channel No. 105
  • Red Marker
    48.500142, -122.692544
    48.5001422964 -122.69254446
  • Red Marker
    48.457306, -122.699806
    48.4573055659 -122.699805718

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Sea Kayak - Burrows & Allan Islands

Sea Kayaking Trip
An excellent sampling of PNW coastal paddling: excellent scenery including a lighthouse, some wave action,
Difficulty: Sea Kayak III
Sat, Jul 14, 2018
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