Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures

Urban adventures are trips that happen at in-town locations like city parks, boulevards, hidden staircases and other unique locations.

Trips walking around the city, done in a day. Urban Adventures may also involve Exploring Nature and/or Photography.

Urban Adventures use the same difficulty guidelines as our Day Hiking and Backpacking trips.

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Easy - up to 8 mi round trip, up to 1,200 ft elevation gain.
Moderate - up to 12 mi round trip, 1,200-2,500 ft elevation gain.
Strenuous - up to 14 mi round trip, 2,500-3,500 ft elevation gain.
Very Strenuous - over 14 mi round trip and/or more than 3,500 ft elevation gain.


Leaders often list pace by "distance" speed like 2.5 miles per hour. Most Urban Adventures are rated as easy or moderate and done at a slower pace.

Open to all! Choose a trip that suits your fitness level and ability, and make sure to bring your walking shoes and comfortable weather-appropriate clothing.

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