Exploring Nature

Exploring Nature

Day hikes and urban adventures focused on observing and learning more about the natural world.

As the name implies, Exploring Nature outings are trips where the focus is on observing and learning about the natural world around us. Exploring Nature trips sometimes take place in the city or are focused on naturalist activities such as photographing wildflowers, lichens or seabird in the wild. Thus, the trips are sometimes cross-listed as Urban Adventures. These trips were previously called "Naturalist Hikes."

moth.jpegExploring Nature trips use the same difficulty guidelines as our Day Hiking and Backpacking trips, but most trips are easy or moderate outings since they have a slower pace because participants are focused on finding particular flora or fauna, rather than breaking a sweat or reaching a particular destination.


Easy - up to 8 mi round trip, up to 1,200 ft elevation gain.
Moderate - up to 12 mi round trip, 1,200-2,500 ft elevation gain.
Strenuous - up to 14 mi round trip, 2,500-3,500 ft elevation gain.
Very Strenuous - over 14 mi round trip and/or more than 3,500 ft elevation gain.

Open to all! Choose a trip that suits your fitness and ability and make sure to bring your walking shoes, comfortable weather-appropriate clothing, and if heading into the wilderness remember The Ten Essentials!

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