Urban Walk - May Creek & Lake Boren


Urban Walk - May Creek & Lake Boren

Foothills Branch Council Urban Walk and Mindful Outdoor Experience at Lake Boren Park and on May Creek Trail. 4 2/3 miles, 651 ft. elevation gain, 2.5 mph and 15 min pre-walk and post-walk discussion/experience. ***UNTIL OCT 12, ONLY OPEN TO FOOTHILL BRANCH COUNCIL. AFTER OCT 12, OPEN TO GENERAL CLUB MEMBERSHIP***

  • Easy
  • Easy
  • Mileage: 4.67 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 651 ft
  • High Point Elevation: 441 ft
  • Pace: 2.5 mph

Meet at 4:00 pm on park grass area in front of bathrooms. Moderate-size parking lot at park entrance - additional parking available on street. No passes required.

This is being scheduled as an Urban Walk and Mindful Outdoor Experience (MOE) for the Foothills Branch Council. If you are a part of the Council or are an invited guest, you may register without Leader Permission. On October 13, this activity will become open to general membership.

After the pre-walk discussion, Lori will lead the group in a MOE for abt 10 min. Following this, the group will depart the park to the west and follow Waterline Trail south as it crosses SE May Creek Park Drive. Soon after, we will swing to the west and follow May Creek Trail until it ends at the picnic table. After a brief stop, we will bracktrack but follow the trail south an east until it ends at Coal Creek Parkway. Following the road north, we will use sidewalks until we re-enter Lake Boren Park and return to the same area for a post-walk MOE and discussion.

Gaia route: https://www.gaiagps.com/map/?loc=12.8/-122.1295/47.5223&pubLink=AxiHY6LTccHWNQZ5IsNq9JCK&trackId=089278b0-1d59-4cf3-8661-f6880fbece24

Park webpage: https://newcastlewa.gov/your_community/parks__trails_and_other_recreation/park_amenities_and_usage

In keeping with club focus on safety, we will walk together as a group, gather at trail intersections, and importantly cross streets and walk on street sidewalks together. If you are a fast walker and feel ~2.5 mph is insufficient of a work-out for you, please consider if this trip is a good match for your abilities.

Full details will be emailed shortly after registration closes on Oct 17. In the interim please contact Brad with any questions: BMPeacock@aol.com.


May Creek, The Highlands & Lake Boren

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Water, snacks, appropriate outerwear, and sturdy shoes. Will update list depending upon expected weather as date drwas nearer.

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