Urban Adventure - Three Volcanoes Cabin


Urban Adventure - Three Volcanoes Cabin

Celebrate the end of school with a family "camp-out" at Three Volcanoes Cabin near Randle, Washington. Enjoy exploring the 40 acre forest and stream, make a campfire in the evening, then camp in the cabin or mini-cabin. After a leisurely group breakfast, relax on site or head off hiking with your family to the surrounding Gifford-Pinchot or various spots on Mt. Rainier.

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 Families will be met in Randle and caravan into the property 15 minutes away.  Details provided to participants.

Meet at 1:00pm on Saturday.

Departure by noon on Sunday.

After arrival, families will receive an orientation to the property and then take a break for lunch.

Following lunch, the owners will lead a hike through the property, with forest, stream, and sections replanted from selective logging.

In the later afternoon, optional activities include foraging for wild plants, knife skills, cedar or nettle weaving, and fire building.  Families can bring choose their own activities or just relax.

Dinner will be cooked on the campfire unless rain drives us inside to use the woodstove. 

A propane two burner stove is also available for cooking breakfast.  A full kitchen is available.

This is an electronics free zone. Cell phones may have reception and are to be used for emergencies only.

The cabin has potable water, a toilet, DC electricity, and sleeping mats for up to twelve people.

Please visit the website:  http://threevolcanoes.com/Threevolcanoes.com/Welcome_to_Our_Cabin.html


Three Volcanoes Cabin

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Lunch, snack, and breakfast for your family. Basic cooking equipment is available for woodstove and campfire.

For Dinner, please bring a side dish to go with meat and wild greens salad.  (bread, grain or potato salad, cooked veggies). Chicken and various sausages will be provided for campfire cooking.

Dessert options will be provided---semores and dutch oven cobbler.

Sleeping bags, pillows, small towel, sleeping clothes, toiletries

Each family should have a first aid kit, water bottles, and a light pack.

Sturdy walking shoes and thick pants and long sleeve shirts for forest walking. Unlike a normal hike, your legs will need protection against nettles and other prickly things, so blue jeans are very appropriate. Thin pants and leggings are not as good.  NO SHORTS!!!

Bring rain gear.

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