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Urban Adventure - Three Volcanoes Cabin

Family Survival Camp! Kids will get to build shelters in the woods, practice fire building, harvest edibles in the woods, get "lost" in the woods and use natural and compass navigation to get found, and more while sleeping over in a nice rustic cabin.

  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

Meet in Randle at 11:00am on Saturday, August 11 in the SE corner by the coffee stand. From there you will be excorted to Three Volcanoes Cabin for two days of activities.  Survival camp ends at 5pm on Sunday.  The drive to Randle is 1 hr 45 minutes from West Olympia.

Get ready for a busy weekend!  Several Mountaineer adult leaders will lead outdoor "survival" exercises for  kids with supervision from their parent.  Parents will need to supervise their kids to make sure they are safe and make decisions about what tools are appropriate for them to be using.  Tools may include jacknives, hatchets, saws, as well as matches and firestarters and cooking apparatus.

Activities will include walking on and off trail, natural navigation (using the terrain, sun, flora), compass and map navigation, animal tracking, shelter building using forest downfall, nettle rope making, foraging for edibles, animal tracking, gathering fire building supplies and making fires, match and fire safety, knot tying, and whatever else fun we can squeeze in.  Kids and adults participate at the level appropriate to their age, expertise, and confidence!

Overnight is at a comfortable cabin with woodstove and running water and electric lights and one bathroom.  Sleeping mats are available if you choose to sleep in the cabin.


Three Volcanoes Cabin

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Adults will be expected to bring spring 10 essentials and packs.  Kids will be expected to have packs and 10 essentials appropriate to age.

Everyone needs good hiking boots( ankle high if possible), a change of shoes, clothing appropriate for being outside for several hours at a time, a change of clothes.

You are welcome to bring fire starting supplies for kids and jackknives appropriate for your kids.  Smaller kids will practice using dinner knives.

For the overnight, each person should bring sleeping bag/pillow, PJ's, and toiletries. Tent camping is OK if you want to bring your own tent to practice with.

Each family should bring $8/person for food and come prepared for experimenting with food. 

Snacks, musical instruments,  and non-electronic games for evening are welcome.

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