Stewardship Half Day - Glacial Heritage Preserve


Stewardship Half Day - Glacial Heritage Preserve

We are going to Cindy Wills property near Glacial Heritage Preserve located at 14524 Mima Rd SW, OLYMPIA to help eradicate Death Camas. This is a unique property and the presence of Death Camas can have a toxic impact on the larger prairie area.

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On the morning of Monday, May 24 we will be meeting in the Tumwater Fred Meyers parking lot in the small section near the Starbucks/Great Clips.  Meeting time is 9:30 a.m. From here we will car pool for those willing and head to 14524 Mima Rd SW about 20 minutes away.

We have permission to list this trip from the Program Center because it is such a unique property.    Because of it location and the owners enthusiasm for helping sustain whatever part of the natural world she can, this property was repurposed from farm land to a prairie stop over for wildlife traveling from prairie to prairie. Several years ago the owner enlisted assistance from ​the Nature Conservancy and other groups to establish a resting and feeding site for passing butterflies, pollinators and birds.

For a few unfortunate reasons, including last summer's prairie fire, Death Camas is abundant. Hundreds of these toxic plants are blooming now. 

Removal is simple, safe and somewhat tedious.  In two hours time a person can remove about 100.  That is the physical limit for most Death Camas harvesters.  From recent reading, the toxicity symptoms result from ingesting the plant including the bulb, flower leaves  at a rate of about 0.4% of body weight, roughly one half pound for a 125 lb. person.  We're not going to eat any.   

A Pizza feed is planned as an after prairie rehab appreciation. Plan to stay for lunch courtesy of your host and trip leader. 


Glacial Heritage Preserve

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

The tools and Personal Protection Equipment are simple. I used a long narrow blade, hand trowel and strap-on knee pads.  Others used the common dandelion weeding tool with a foam kneeling pad.  The removal is easiest in kneeling position. Work gloves are required to protect your hands.

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