Crescent Bay


Sea Kayak - Crescent Bay

Intro to the Surf Zone. This activity is aimed for people who are comfortable sea kayaking and want to get surf zone experience for the fun of surfing or to safely launch and land during coastal trips.

  • Sea Kayak III/IV
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 10.0 nm
  • Maximum Wind: 15 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 3 ft
  • Maximum Currents: 1 kts

Meet at the Crescent Bay RV Park on the beach directly in front of the blue registration desk. We will meet and be ready to paddle at 9:00 am. Expect to be off the water between 4:00-4:30.

There is a day fee for parking and for access to the beach. Even if you park elsewhere you will need to purchase the day pass to be able to land on the beach. The good news is that this also comes with access to a hose and you can clean your gear afterwards.

The is an Intro to the Surf Zone course. You are expected to be comfortable in your sea kayak and to have paddled successfully in mildly dynamic water. Physical and emotional safety are critical for learning and challenging ourselves and I will ensure this for all participants. I especially encourage people of all genders and races to participate. If you have any questions as to whether you belong in this clinic please call or email me and I am happy to talk it through with you. Please send an email first as I'll be traveling internationally for most of Feb and March.


We will meet at the beach at 9 am ready to paddle. The rough agenda for the day:

  • Understanding the dynamics of the surf zone. On land discussion.
  • Dry land practice of wet exiting and swimming the boat to shore
  • Get wet! Learn how to swim effectively and efficiently in the surf zone
  • Wet exits and swimming your boats to shore
  • Finally, in your boats! We will learn how to safely launch kayaks through the surf.
  • The most important skill of landing your kayak in the surf zone is...learning how not to be surfed. We will practice this skill a lot. (It is more fun than you think.)
  • Landing in the surf - how to come in safely and in control. Also what to do if you do get surfed in
  • If there is energy, enthusiasm, and small waves we will surf!
  • Wrap-up

Daily Tide Predictions
State: WA
Stationid: 9443826
ReferencedToStationName: Port Townsend
ReferencedToStationId: 9444900
HeightOffsetLow: * 0.8
HeightOffsetHigh: * 0.8
TimeOffsetLow: -122
TimeOffsetHigh: -161
Prediction Type: Subordinate
From: 20230616 07:33 - 20230617 20:47
Units: Feet
Time Zone: LST_LDT
Datum: MLLW
Interval Type: High/Low

Date Day Time Pred High/Low
2023/06/16 Fri 07:33 AM -1.52 L
2023/06/16 Fri 03:22 PM 6.88 H
2023/06/16 Fri 07:49 PM 5.60 L
2023/06/16 Fri 11:54 PM 6.56 H
2023/06/17 Sat 08:07 AM -1.75 L
2023/06/17 Sat 04:06 PM 7.18 H
2023/06/17 Sat 08:47 PM 5.78 L


Crescent Bay

  • NOAA Strait of Juan de Fuca: Eastern Part No. 18465

    MapTech Cape Flattery to Whidbey Island No. 103
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

These eight essentials plus The Ten Essentials are required on all sea kayaking trips.  All but the whistle and clothing should be provided with any kayak rental.


  • Suitable kayak with flotation in both ends or a combination of air bags and a sea sock.
  • Drysuit is preferred but a wetsuit is permissible. You must wear one of these.
  • Helmets are mandatory. Bike helmets are okay.
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  • Paddle
  • Spray skirt
  • Bring tow belts or throw bags if you have them
  • Sunscreen
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