Cougar Mountain: Red Town Trailhead


Frontcountry Trail Run - Wildside Trail—De Leo Wall

Get in shape for ski season trail run series.

  • Easy
  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)
  • Mileage: 4.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 600 ft
  • High Point Elevation: 1,100 ft
  • Pace: 15 min / mile -- walk up hills

Red Town Trailhead

Please arrive @ 7:20AM and be ready to run @7:30AM

If for some reason King County has locked the gate to the Redtown trailhead overnight and it isn't open by 7:20 -- we will use the alternate start point in the China Creek neighborhood:

Easy going trail run intended for ski tourer's getting in shape for ski season.   However all are welcome, especially people just gettting started with trail running, or recovering from an injury, etc.  Pace will be more of a jog than a run.   
 Route starts with a little hill, which we will walk up. Then the next mile and half are flatish so we will jog along to get nicely warmed up.  The route then climbs 400 feet somewhat steeply.  You are welcome to run at a faster pace that the old, slow and somewhat gimpy trip leader -- but please stop and wait at all trail intersections to regroup to ensure that we don't get too spread out.    The return portion of the run is down, rolling and flat.   

Based on my usual slow pace,  expect to return to the trailhead by 8:30 

Please bring along a COVID-19 face covering -- you won't be expected to wear it while actively running -- however if somebody stumbles or something and needs assistance, everyone will be safer if  mouth and nose can be covered while rendering or receiving assistance.   If you are unwilling to wear a mask or unwilling to render assistance should it be required -- please do not enroll in this trip.


Cougar Mountain: Red Town Trailhead

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Required Equipment

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