Frontcountry Trail Run - Tiger Mountain Lowlands


Frontcountry Trail Run - Tiger Mountain Lowlands

Sam's attempt at a weekly('ish) series: let's see if we can make this repetitive! Expect running. Expect dogs. Expect running with two, large, white, snow dogs! Prepare yourself for a quick (especially the first 2 miles until the hounds get tired), fun, invigorating, highly verbose (I will lecture those pups at least a few times), wacky run where we'll get as many miles under our paws as we can in about 45 minutes!

COVID-19: Learn about our most up-to-date guidance for participants and leaders on our COVID-19 Response page. All participants and leaders must agree to the COVID-19 Code of Conduct before participating in this Mountaineers activity.
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 3.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,000 ft

Meeting Location: After exiting the highway (Eastbound), take your right as you would usually do to head to the main Exit 20 parking lot. However, before you take the right to head towards the Highpoint lot, park at the intersection (I usually choose near the gate on the left). This gated, paved road (where the homeless encampment used to be) is the start of the trail. I'll also provide a little map via email (the Mountaineers' site would not let me upload).

Please note that the Discover pass is required here (though, if you're still waiting for yours to come in the mail, I believe you might be able to park down off the road and jog over).

I'll be driving a gold Rav-4 with a ski rack or will be wandering around the parking lot pulled by two large, white dogs.

Departure Objective: shoes and battlefaces on, talk accomplished, and feet to trail by 6:15.


  1. - Build community and enjoy getting outside
  2. - Run with two fun, goofy dogs. There will be water stops. We'll work on group work (this will be the boys second, official, group event)/commands and you're welcome to try out the invigorating world of cane-cross!
  3. - On the trail for 45 minutes (we won't have a distance goal, but a time. We'll cater our trail choices based on the speed folks are running at in an effort to get us back by 7:00)
  4. - Be safe'ish


I'm expecting uphill paces to range between 11-14 minutes/mile, with downhill from 9-11 minutes.


The Tiger Mountain Lowlands are an excellent mix of everything from a few gravel roads to single track and heavily wooded areas to a few cleared trails near the power/gas lines. Cable Line features an abrupt elevation gain of ~1700 feet in the first mile on this trail! It's tough, but we'll suffer together and come out the other side with better calves! Expect a lovely evening with a stop at most watering holes and to check out the evening's sights.

Current plan: I'm thinking we'll head over to the less known Lingering trail. Looping up this to eventually intersect with the TMT, looping over to the bridge (and creek) and then coming down the main trail.


Weather is maybe rainy? We'll have to check closer to. Sunset time = 6:45'ish pm. PREPARE TO RUN IN THE DARK! (One of Sam's favorites - the pooches will have fun, disco lights. :) )



Tiger Mountain Lowlands

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Required Equipment

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