Redmond Watershed Preserve


Frontcountry Trail Run - Redmond Watershed Preserve

REINDEER ROMP MEET UP. You must be registered through NW Trail Races to race. 5-mile or 1/2 Marathon options.

  • *Varies*
  • Challenging
  • Pace: *Varies*

Meet prior to race. We all can text to coordinate as people come. Do not need to be a member to join in the comradery. 

You must sign up to race here: Redmond Reindeer Romp - Northwest Trail Runs (

The plan is no set plan. Just a way to connect if people want to warm up together, hang out, and cheer each other on. This is also a great opportunity for those who have not trail raced before to try it and feel supported. We will not be racing as one large group, but rather meeting up before & after the race as desired. You are responsible for your own safety, course path following, and gear decisions. Racers are expected to follow all rules and race etiquette listed on the site.

Extra fun if you dress up and want to do costumes. 

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Redmond Watershed Preserve

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Required Equipment

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