Frontcountry Trail Run - Cowen & Ravenna Parks


Frontcountry Trail Run - Cowen & Ravenna Parks

**Wed - Morning Run** 7AM - Greenlake to Ravenna Park - Out and Back. Urban trail running, this is all dirt in the city. One of the few places around Seattle were you can get some good mileage linking together 2 different parks while running on dirt.

  • Easy
  • Easy
  • Mileage: 7.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 245 ft
  • Pace: Conversational

***Wed - Morning Run*** 7am

Meet at the Greenlake Bathhouse, Public Theater Parking Lot (North Side of Greenlake) at 6:30AM (***Morning Run***)
Directions - click here

From there can go either direction of Greenlake to Ravenna.  Follow dirt trail down middle of Ravenna to Cowen/Ravenna Park.  Run to the end of the park then back to Greenlake and around back to Bathhouse parking lot.

This is all dirt!

Option to add some more mileage in Woodland park for those interested in kicking up the miles.

Goal is for everyone  to run at a conversational pace.  This is a key component in taking your trail runs farther in the frontcountry and especially in the backcountry.

Conversational pace means you can talk in complete sentence without gasping for breather, can easily breath through you nose, or have an average heart rate typically less than 140 (75% of max heartrate).  Shouldn't be huffing and puffing.


Cowen & Ravenna Parks

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

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