Mount Walker


Day Hike - Mount Walker

Night Walker is a conditioning hike/test primarily for Kitsap Basic students. Others are welcome.

COVID-19: Learn about our most up-to-date guidance for participants and leaders on our COVID-19 Response page. All participants and leaders must agree to the COVID-19 Code of Conduct before participating in this Mountaineers activity.
  • Moderate
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 5.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 2,000 ft

7MAR2020 Mt Walker Trail Head at 6PM.  Earlier in the morning the Olympia branch will be doing a double up.  Do not confuse Olympia's 6AM climb for our 6PM climb.

Night Walker will be Double Trouble.  We will meet at 6PM at the TH and do 2 laps with whatever weight you want. We will be done around 10PM or maybe 11PM if you are carrying more weight.  Walker is a very well maintained trail and route variations are very limited so getting lost is possible.  We will not be traveling over to the North Vista. Traveling to the North Vista has many route variations and getting lost is highly likely, especially at night.  Just stay on the main trail between the wooden sign at the bottom and the wooden sign at the first overlook and you won't get lost.  You should go at your own pace and test yourself.  Since it will be dark I highly recommend teaming up with someone.  Bring two headlamps and lots of batteries.  Four or 5 hours of burn time is a lot of batteries - read the back of the headlamp package for burn estimated times.  If you team up with someone you can have headlamp on at a time and be safe.  This is the only Mountaineering trip where party separation is allowed as your are trying to test your fitness and need to go at your pace.  Bring all 10 essentials so that you can spend the night if you need to.  I will return to the TH and await everyone's return. 

Options.  You can carry a 45 pound pack (full test weight) and do one lap for time to see what your time is or you can plan on two laps and carry less weight.  I plan to bring a 35 pound back and keep it on for both laps.  Needless to say I will be carrying useful stuff in my pack like 10 essentials and lots of clothes.

This is a Discover Pass TH.  I will have my InReach in case of emergency and we have no cell service.  If you have a FRS radio please bring it.  If everyone has one we will lock them into a common channel.  If the chatter gets too much you can turn yours off.  I will keep mine on and monitor traffic.  We will probably use channel 8 but I will look in the FAA guide to be sure.

Emergency Contact:  Steven Anderson 360-471-7679

Walk On - At Night



Mount Walker

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

The Ten Essentials

  1. Navigation
  2. Sun protection
  3. Insulation (extra clothing)
  4. Illumination (at least 2 and extra batteries)
  5. First aid supplies
  6. Fire
  7. Repair kit and tools, including knife
  8. Nutrition (extra food)
  9. Hydration (extra water)
  10. Emergency shelter
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