Day Hike - Burroughs Mtn - Glacier Basin Loop

Burroughs Mtn - Glacier Basin Loop

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7:00 AM at South Renton Park and Ride
One hike, two glaciers. This is a long and very strenuous hike, if you want to sign up, you should have recently done hikes of this length and difficulty and at a fairly fast rate (2 MPH uphill and 2.5 MPH everywhere else) without frequent breaks. If you are not sure of your ability to do this, please contact me. This will be about 15 miles and 5000 ft. of elevation gain. We will start at the White River Campground. We will be going up Glacier Basin as far as it is a hike (we will get very close to the Inter Glacier). We’ll retreat and go up the trail to 2nd Burroughs, take a side trip to 3rd Burroughs (to get incredible views of the Winthrop Glacier. And then return to the trailhead via the Burroughs loop trail and the Wonderland trail. Scouting report from trip 7-28-13 Glacier Basin campground is closed due to frequent bear sightings and there is a warning for the trail. I went on the trail by myself; I was (mostly) hoping to see a bear and did not. Groups are very unlikely to have any troubles with bears and we will hike as a group in this area. I went more than a mile past the Glacier Basin campground and after you break into the open it doesn’t get too exciting as you advance and there is a very steep, gravelly section that was difficult coming down even with poles. So, we will go a ½ mile past the campground and then head back to the trail to Burroughs. With this subtraction we will still get around 5000 feet of elevation and around 15 miles (in case anyone was worried about it now being too easy). We must go to 3rd Burroughs, the views of the Winthrop glacier and the mountain are spectacular. There are 2 snow patches, one is inconsequential. The second looks a little steep, we go straight up and down it, I was easily able to get down it with no difficulty (snow travel is not my strength). I did have poles, but could have done it without them. Even if I had fallen, the snow was not steep enough or firm enough for one to slide. There was a small and easy to cross snow patch on the Burroughs loop trail that I am guessing will be gone by Sunday. With poles this was very easy. Please keep in mind that I am very wimpy when it comes to these types of things, so when I say it is easy, it is easy. I would recommend that people bring poles, but one could go without them too, if you want to bring traction devices you can, I would almost guarantee that you will not use them. We will do about 15 miles, there are water sources in the first 6 miles and the last 3 miles.
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Required Equipment

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