Ruby Mountain


Backpack - Ruby Mountain

Intermediate Backpack: a 3 day trip using our lay day for the off-trail trip to the summit of Ruby Mountain

  • Challenging
  • Pace: Moderate

TBD.  Hoping to arrange for a brief car shuttle between Colonial Creek and Panther Creek.

This is an Intermediate Backpack.  Preference will be given to participants in the Seattle Intermediate Backpacking Program.

We are aiming for a three day, two night backpack based at the Fourth of July camp where permits have been obtained with trip cost to be shared equally among participants.   With fingers crossed for good weather so we can enjoy the expansive views, we will walk up Thunder River from Colonial Creek before turning off to climb to the Fourth of July camp.  Water should still be plentiful at this time of year near the camp.  On our lay day, we will head up to Fourth of July Pass and locate the long-abandoned trail that climbs towards, but not to, the summit of Ruby.  We will work as a team on navigating, and clamber over likely a large number of down logs.  Eventually, we will encounter a talus field and climb to the ridge, before coming to the summit.  (Spoiler's alert: summit has a radio repeater on it, so is not pristine wilderness). However, we hope for pleasant weather, amazing 360 views, and a leisurely lunch break before returning to our camp.  On day three, having staged a second car at Panther Creek, we will head down the longer way east from camp.  I am not called Loopy Louise for nothing!  Overall, I view this trip as challenging given the elevation gain, but hike at a moderate pace and seek to create a cohesive team so am looking for strong team players over strong and fast hikers. 

My proposed route, after picking up the permit and arranging a short car shuttle, is as follows:
Day 1: Colonial Creek TH up to Fourth of July, 4 miles and 2700' gain camp
Day 2: Camp to Ruby summit and back, 8 miles RT, 4000 +/-
Day 3: Camp to the saddle then down the Panther Creek trail, 6.5 miles, 1700+ and 3200 down

Leader's permission for  (1) being part of the Intermediate backpack program, (2) what backpack trips you have done in the last 12 months, (3) what gains of >3000'/day you have done in the last 3 months, (4) what off trail hiking/ scrambling experience you have had in the last 3 months, (5) willingness to reimburse leader your portion of permit costs ($7) if cancel after accepted on this trip, and (6) willingness to participate in car shuttle.  

Interested backpackers and off-trail travelers can register as of 5/20 if given leader's permission ahead of time.  Okay to submit requests now.  Intermediate backpack program members can also submit now, and I can register you prior to 5/20.  


Ruby Mountain

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Required Equipment

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