Backpack - PCT: Bridge of the Gods to White Pass/Trail 2000

PCT: Bridge of the Gods to White Pass/Trail 2000

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  • Wed, Aug 24, 2011 — Sat, Aug 27, 2011
  • Foothills Hiking Committee
  • Day Hiking, Backpacking
  • Adults
This trip is part of the PCT SERIES. Priority for registration goes to participants signed up for the PCT Series. If you are not part of the PCT SERIES, your participation in this event will be subject to leader discretion. Please thoroughly review the Trip Description to see the logistics involved with this trip to determine if this trip is appropriate for you. Note that while preference will be given to those who wish to join for the entire trip, consideration will be given to those who don't if it's arranged up front in advance prior to signing up for the trip and the logistics work out. Note that the trip is scheduled such that those of us who normally work Monday through Friday only need to take 6 working days off. Note that since the trip leader will be leading other trips August 6-10, 13-22, if you need to contact the leader about this trip during those times, please send an email; thanks for your consideration in this matter.

Trip Strenuousness: Trip is appropriate for experienced, fit backpackers.

Additional Cautions: Some of the trail on this trip is on a trail on a very narrow ridge, with a significant dropoff on both sides and insufficient room for two people to pass in places. If you are afraid of heights, please discuss options with me if you would otherwise like to come. Even in late August, this trip may cross snowfields.

Direction: Southbound, but if the weather promises to be horrible for the Goat Rocks section (which is fairly exposed), that could change.
Because this is the longest section and because it has the greatest elevation change, it is the most diverse. It starts near ... one of the lowest points on the official PCT ... Near this section's end, the PCT climbs to 7080 feet elevation--its second-highest elevation in Washington-- ... Between these two extremes, you pass through several environments. After starting in a lush, damp Columbia river forest, you climb usually viewless slopes; wind past an extensive, recent lava flow; traverse a lake-speckled, glaciated lava plateau; and climb to a subalpine forest. The trail then circles a major, periodically active volcano Mt. Adams; traverses high on the walls of deep, glaciated canyons; and finally climbs up to an alpine landscape at Packwood Glacier. Along Washington's Section A, then, you pass through all of the landforms and vegetation belts that you see along the PCT from central Oregon to trail's end in southern British Columbia.
Schaffer, Jeffrey P., and Selters, Andy. Pacific Crest Trail: From the California Border to the Canadian Border OREGON & WASHINGTON


Qualified participants will have backpacked on at least a 5 day trip, be in great shape. Plan on discussing your experience, fitness, gear, goals, and concerns with the leader and/or other trip participants prior to the trip.


12 days, 11 nights
  • Note: If there's a small group, we can be more flexible on the itinerary.
  • Day 1. Hwy 12[2300mi] to McCall Basin[2290mi, 5100']. 10 Miles, 2500 gain.
  • Day 2. South to Sheep Lake / Nannie Ridge[2277mi, 5600']. 13+ miles. 3200 gain.
  • Day 3. South to some ponds[2264mi, 5100']. 13 miles. 1300 gain. (Option B: If everyone wants... Lava Spring Camp [2258mi,4600',an additional 300 ft gain, 800 ft loss over 6 additional miles] instead and take a shorter day the following day.)
  • Day 4. South to Sheep Lake (by Adams)[2248mi, 5800', 2100 ft gain] or the camp a mile north[2249mi]. 15-16 Miles. This area is nice to camp from pictures I've seen.
  • Day 5. South to Trout Lk Creek[2233mi, 3400', 1300 ft gain], 15 Miles. If we see a good spot to camp a couple miles further north/sooner, I'm all for it.
  • Day 6. South to Big Mosquito Lake outlet [2227mi, 3900', 800 ft gain], 6 miles. I think after several days we may be ready for a lighter day. If not, we can just head further toward Blue Lake, although it may be hard to find a good spot until we get near Blue Lake anyhow.
  • Day 7. South to Blue Lake [2214mi, 4700', 1600 ft gain], 13 miles. Day 8. South to Campsite [2202mi, 3600', 750 ft gain], 12 miles.
  • Note: The sections starting day 9 look bumpier on the elevation profile - I tried to give a reasonable estimate of the cumulative gain but confidence is lower on the gain for this than others on this particular itinerary.
  • Day 9. South to Trout Creek TH Campsite [2185mi, 1300', 1500+ ft gain], 17 miles.
  • Note: Panther CG is 6 PCT miles North through this relatively developed area. So we can hike the extra 6 miles on either day 9 or day 10 or try to find somewhere else along the way to stay (e.g. perhaps south side of aptly-named?? bunker hill). Optional resupply point is Stabler's Store, 9am-7pm, a 2 mile round-trip detour at PCT mile 2189.
  • Day 10. South to Rock Creek[2174mi, 1500', 2500 ft gain], 11 miles.
  • Day 11. South to Campsite [2161mi, 800', 3000 ft gain], 13 miles.
  • Day 12. South to Bridge of the Gods[2156mi, 650'], 5 miles. I was originally thinking of just hiking out the 18 miles on Day 11, but then remembered the long drive home.


GT 429 Bonneville Dam, 428 Bridal Veil, 396 Lookout Mtn., 397 Wind River, 365 Lone Butte, 366 Mt Adams, 334 Blue Lake, 335 Walupt Lake, 303 White Pass. You may also be interested in


  • Schaffer, Jeffrey P., and Selters, Andy. Pacific Crest Trail: From the California Border to the Canadian Border OREGON & WASHINGTON, 7th ed. 2nd printing, Wilderness Press, Section H, pp. 204-239
  • Woodmansee, Mike, Trekking Washington 1st ed. Treks 19, 20 pp. 220-235. (Covers Mt Adams & Goat Rocks.)
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Required Equipment

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