Unicorn, Foss, Boundary & Stevens Peaks


Alpine Scramble - Foss Peak

Priority until 4/29 for Olympia Alpine Scramble students who need a snow scramble to satisfy course requirements. Scramble will open to others on Thursday 4/29. This trip will start at Narada Falls. See description for more details.

  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 6.2 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 2,400 ft
  • Pace: Moderate (about 1,000ft/hr)

7:30am at Narada Falls

This is an experience scramble for Olympia Alpine Scramble students who need a snow scramble to fulfill course requirements.   Others will be allowed to register after 12:01am on Thursday 4/29.  If you fall in the "others" category and you register before 4/29, you will be dropped!

This scramble will start at Narada Falls.  We will head up the "Narada Wall" and then walk along the Stevens Canyon Rd to Reflection Lakes.  We will head up to east side of the Castle and then over to Foss Peak.

Olympia Students -- You may sign up for this scramble prior to Snow 2, but you will not be allowed to go until you have successfully completed both Snow 1 and Snow 2 field trips.  You will also not be permitted to go if you have not successfully completed your conditioner.

This trip will go at a moderate pace (about 1,000 ft/hr).  This means that we will move fast enough to keep the heart pumping, but not so fast that we cannot talk to each other.  We'll take breaks at the 15 minute mark, 1 hour mark, and then hourly after that.


Unicorn, Foss, Boundary & Stevens Peaks

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

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