Alpine Ambassadors Trip


Alpine Ambassadors Trip - Canmore

A trip for current Alpine Ambassadors

  • Sat, Feb 4, 2023 — Sat, Feb 11, 2023
  • Alpine Ambassadors
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We will be in 4 Air BnB’s right in Canmore. Rodica will communicate your specific lodging information a bit closer to the date. 


Please enter your travel plans on the planning sheet that gets sent out in email. Please try to be your Air BnB by 6pm (earlier if possible) on Saturday, 2/4. We'll have a meeting at one of the Air Bnb’s that evening, where we'll do introductions to one another as well as to some of the guides and volunteers. We'll also discuss plans for the week and the following day. Sunday will likely start at 6am or even earlier for some of you, so it will be advantageous for you to arrive earlier on Saturday so that you have time to get settled before our meeting.


Its very important that we ensure we have enough vehicles for everyone. We'll need 6 cars for the group of 11, and each car should be able to transport 4 people including the driver. If you plan to fly and rent a car, please plan to rent a 4wd high clearance vehicle, and add the name of the person (or people) you're sharing the car with as additional drivers. 

Please enter this info into the planning sheet so we make sure we're good to go on all fronts!


Here is a gear list of required and recommended gear.


Last year, the participants pooled cash to tip the guides. One of the participants took the lead on collecting cash and distributing it evenly among the guides, along with a thank you card signed by everyone. If someone is interested in taking the lead on this for this year, it goes a long way in getting the best guides to continue working with us in future years. A gift card would probably be more appropriate for volunteers than cash.


Last year there was a mix of eating out and cooking in. There are grocery stores a close drive from your air bnb.

General Schedule

On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you'll either climb multi pitch in a group of 3 or crag in a group of 4-8. Wednesday will be a rest day. Wednesday evening, we'll have a mid-point check-in meeting, and we'll order pizza on The Mountaineers that night. We’ll do a debrief on the final Saturday evening, so plan to travel home on Sunday (not Saturday night). Many of your days will have a pre-dawn start - some of the climbing areas have quite a long drive+approach to get to.

Cell Phones

It is imperative that everyone can be contacted by cell phone during your time in Canmore. Please check with your provider in advance and select a plan that will allow you to use your cell in Canmore. Many of the crags have limited service, so texting ability is important. Also, please bring an In-Reach if you have one.


Please carefully read the Rockies Ice and Alpine Specialists Waiver. It’s helpful if you print and sign a copy before heading up, but Kris (the owner) will still want to make sure you understand everything the waiver says. Please read it carefully.


We highly recommend you put some energy into training for this trip. The weather in Canmore can be harsh and can sap your energy quickly. You will get the most out of this trip if you are in both general good fitness as well as in ice-climbing-specific shape. Attached is an 8-9 week training program put together by Ambassador Ian Lauder. Take a look, and reach out to one another if you want training partners!

Hopes & Dreams

We’ll be putting together a schedule grid that allows everyone to mix up climbing partners and mentors over the week. We will most likely start with a cragging day on Sunday, so that the mentors can get a good idea of a baseline for everyone, to ensure you can get the most out of this trip. We’ll readjust the schedule Sunday evening for the rest of the week accordingly. While the schedule is complex, as you can imagine, we do want to give everyone an opportunity to identify any partners you hope to climb with, any particular mentors you hope to climb with, or any particular climbs you hope to do. We can’t make any promises, but please email me if you have requests for climbing partners, mentors or climbs, and we’ll do our best to honor those requests.


If you have questions, this group can be a great resource for you as about 1/2 are returning from last year. Feel free to email any of us with questions.

Thank you for your commitment to The Mountaineers and your enthusiasm for Alpine Ambassadors. We're looking forward to a great week in Canmore!

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Full climbing gear

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