Behavioral Complaint Form

If you feel that a form of harassment has occurred OR have a concern about a member's behavior that could/should not be dealt with by the Activity Chair or Branch Leader, please let us know by filling out this Problem Behavior form.

This form is meant to help us implement our goal of creating an emotionally and physically safe environment for all members of our community. Board policies defining our Member Code of Ethics  and Prohibited Behavior  define expectations to achieve this goal. 

Under those policies, volunteers or staff investigate and determine how to respond to "problem behaviors" ("those rare instances of individual behavior that intrude on the safety and enjoyment of others").  The Prohibited Behavior Investigation policy defines how investigations of problem behaviors will be conducted. 

The CEO or Board President is responsible for implementing and determining the outcomes of more serious behaviors such as harassment (generally, any form of discrimination, or "a knowing and willful course of conduct directed by one member towards another that under the circumstances seriously alarms, annoys, harasses or embarrasses the person towards whom the conduct was directed").  

This form will help staff direct your concern to the appropriate decision-maker according to the language of our board policies. Under both policies, an investigation into the concerns you report will occur and the member who you feel has violated policy will be asked for his/her side of the story in as confidential a manner as possible under the circumstances. 

We strive for privacy, but the nature of some concerns do not always allow for anonymity - something we will discuss with you as we proceed.  Our goal is to address concerning behaviors promptly in a way that prevents problems from occurring again or escalating. 

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What type of situation gave rise to your concern?
Is there a branch or outdoor center with which this concern is affiliated?

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We strive to create a positive experience for all and seek to hold ourselves accountable when problems arise.  You should expect a response to your complaint ASAP, with investigation and resolution to follow. If you do not, please contact to follow up.