Safety Reports

Safety Reports

Annual safety reports and recommendations, and other safety-related documents.

2016 Mountaineers Safety Report (PDF)

A summary of the Mountaineer incident reports received in 2016

application/pdf 2016 Mountaineers Safety Report.pdf — 842.4 KB

2016 Mountaineers Safety Report APPENDIX FINAL

Incident tracking spreadsheet, with added fields for better data analysis. Mountaineer names have been removed from the narrative. This version does NOT contain injury type and location data.

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet 2016 Mountaineers Safety Report APPENDIX FINAL.xlsx — 98.6 KB

2015 Mountaineers Safety Report (PDF)

Stats and descriptions of 2015 Mountaineer Incidents

application/pdf 2015MountaineersSafetyReview-final.pdf — 722.2 KB

2013 Safety Recommendations

Final recommendations from 2013 Safety Committee

application/pdf 2013Mtneers_SafetyRecs_final.pdf — 693.8 KB

2013 Safety Presentation

Overview of statistics from 2013 safety report, plus recommendations for leaders and participants.

application/pdf 2013Mtneers_SafetyReportPres_final.pdf — 640.7 KB