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Basic Alpine Climbing Course enrollments open

Everett Branch and Seattle Branch enrollment for their Basic Alpine Climbing courses has opened. The Seattle course usually fills quickly, so all are urged to enroll as soon as possible (see link on how to apply below).

Prospective students in the greater Seattle area, however, should keep in mind that Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, Kitsap and Bellingham branches of The Mountaineers are at their beckon call. A Mountaineers member can take courses or participate in activities in any branch of the organization, regardless of the member's branch affiliation.

Other branches (Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham and Kitsap) usually announce basic climbing enrollments in January and February. Stay tuned to our website and our monthly e-newsletter, the Routefinder, as more details become available.

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How to apply for the Seattle course