Seattle: Hiking: Conditioner Series: 9/7/08 CHS/ACHS email

Mon, September 8, 2008 01:45 PM

9/7/08 CHS/ACHS emailDear CHS & ACHS course participants,

Please read this whole email as it contains important information.

Congratulations to the folks who have completed their graduation hikes already. What a great accomplishment!! You should be very proud of yourselves. I'm looking forward to celebrating with you on October 4th.

This weekend was kind of a mixed bag of cloudy cool weather on Saturday and a pretty nice day on Sunday. Matt and I have been dealing with a close relative who has a pretty serious illness and we decided that it would benefit us both to do a hike together on Saturday before we went to visit this relative today. We picked an old favorite—Mt Dickerman—off of the Mt Loop Highway. While it would've been wonderful to have a nice sunny day, the cool, foggy weather had a beauty all its own. It was cathartic to hike up the 4000 feet of gain to the summit with nothing but Matt, the immediate surroundings, and my thoughts to keep me company.

Hiking has always helped me process important events in my life. I find it almost impossible to think analytically about a problem while I'm on the trail. I find that I think and talk about issues and events differently and come away with a different perspective at the end of the day. I would hope that all of you will continue to bring your daily lives and issues with you onto the trail after this summer is over. Let nature and all of her many different types of beauty help you deal with the major and minor issues in your life.

September Hike Signup

September hike signup is going nicely. There's still space in most of the graduation hikes. I've attached an updated list to this email. Open hike signup is available now for all hikes.

ACHS/CHS Graduation Party

The graduation party for all three groups will be on the afternoon/evening of Saturday, October 4th. I sent out the invitation to the graduation party earlier this week. If you haven't received it, please let me know.

Trail Maintenance Requirement

All of our scheduled WTA/CHS trips have been completed, so if you haven't completed your trail maintenance requirement yet, you can schedule an outing on a non CHS trail maintenance trip with either WTA or some of the other outdoor organizations. Once you have completed your trail maintenance requirement, please email me to let me know what date you did it on as we keep track of this information for graduation purposes.

CHS Pictures:

The drop-dead date for providing pictures to be included in the graduation CD is rapidly approaching. Please be sure to send all pictures to the email by Monday, Sept 29th. Be sure to include the name and date of the hike in the subject line.

If you want to view the pictures, click on the following link and you will see an album for each hike: website

Have a great week and I look forward to hiking with each of you soon. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Kelly Cleman