Seattle: Sea Kayaking: From the June 2006 Committee meeting...

Thu, July 27, 2006 10:47 AM

From the June 2006 SK Committee meeting:
(there will be no July meeting)

Communication: How records of students and people granted equivalency are maintained was discussed. The Clubhouse is informed when Basic Class students graduate. Non-graduates could attend clinics if OK’d by the clinic coordinator.

Equivalency: John reported that equivalency status has been granted to several people, and six other paddlers are in the review process. For equivalency John reviews the applicants resume and may require a demo based on the experience listed. During the paddle John has them demonstrate braces, 360 degree turns, reverse strokes, self and assisted rescues, and be able to keep a good pace. John holds the equivalency paddles on Wednesday nights. Any help would be appreciated either during the demonstrations or holding a demonstration themselves at another location.

Leadership: Steve reported that he did a mentored paddle with a person interested in becoming a trip leader and noted it went well.

Safety: No updates at this time.

Social: No updates at this time.

  • Mike reported that people new to clinics attended Nigel Foster’s Paddle Awareness Clinic. Nigel will present a rescue clinic in Deception Pass on Saturday, 17 June. On Sunday, 18 June Nigel will hold a Strokes Clinic.
  • The Rescue Rodeo held at Matthew’s Beach on 3 June was an overwhelming success. Rescue scenarios were meant to be instructional with a sense of urgency. The fact that there were only a few new paddlers was disappointing. The event has to be early in the summer season to be able to utilize the beach before the area is opened for swimming.
  • Mike also reported that the Paddler’s Developmental Workshop (PDW) is shaping up. The curriculum has been sent to the Everett, Kitsap, Tacoma and Olympia branches. The Administrative and Culinary departments are set. A few Park Administrative issues need to be done on Friday before the session and upon leaving Sunday. One goal is to see that the volunteers are also able to attend some of the learning sessions.
  • Steve reported that his second Navigation class went well. He used Doe Island as a focal point for tides & currents. It had been listed on the web and was held at Third Place Books.
  • Dede informed the Committee that Matthew Ross of Island Outfitters offers a Wilderness First Aide class. The 16-hour, (2 day) class runs for $200.00; including lodging and community kitchen. Dede suggested that Matt be approached about arranging a class with a focus on kayak equipment and water scenarios. A proposed site could be Coronet Bay, around the end of September. At least 16 people would be needed to fill the class.
Treasurer: Mary reviewed the financial statement with the Committee.

  • Dede reported that her student paddle has been canceled due to poor sign up. Felicia’s student paddle went as planned with only a few students. Carol led another trip in April with fair attendance. Alice has a trip planned to Quartermaster Harbor with only a few students signed up at this time. Angela and Margaret have a trip from Sequim with only 4 of 9 spaces filled. Roseanne has a trip planned for 25 June with 5 of 9 spaces filled. There have been, and are, plenty of opportunities for students to sign up for paddles.
  • Leslie reported that if she does not get the trips on the web site, the Clubhouse doesn’t put them on. Trip Leaders need to complete trip reports and complete the trip roster. Remember that any member of the Mountaineers can read on-line trip reports.
Naturalist: Sarah noted that she was approached by Phil to see if she would be interested in teaching a class about gathering edible materials that grow below the tide line. Sarah referred him to Jennifer Hahn who does this presentation professionally.

Basic Kayak Class - 2006
  • Lisa reported that no other student's Passports have been received. Mentors must encourage the students to send in passports, which are necessary. George, who was co-chair of the Basic Classes of 2004 & 2005, noted that only about 75% of the passports are turned in. It was noted by the Committee that the students themselves must be proactive in submitting their Passports.
  • It was noted that if a student were towed for half the trip, the paddle could not be counted as completed towards graduation.
  • For next year's class Open Water Day, there will be discussion concerning time limits for doing rescues.
  • October Graduation will begin with set-up at 6:00 PM and clean up at 9:00 PM. It was suggested that footage from the Pool sessions and the Rescue Rodeo be set up as a continuous loop montage for students and instructors to view as they come in. Entertainment suggestions were Gary Luhm or Pint & Dale.

New Business:
  • New Committee person: The Committee welcomes Dede Chinlund to the meetings. Dede has paddled extensively and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the group.
  • BCU Canoe Safety: Sarah Miller and Steve Lowe have recently passed the British Canoe Union’s Canoe Safety Test.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 1 August at 7:00 PM at REI.