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kayak stickers Greg Cooper 06/02/2010 1
March Point show on PBS tonite, Tues. 3/3/09 Anonymous 03/03/2009 1
distress signal test report David Price 11/06/2008 1
This is the Sea 4 Carol Asplund 10/23/2008 1
Tacoma Roll class Bob Burnett 10/16/2008 1
Burton Acres / Vashon Kayak Rental Changed Ownership Brian High 06/08/2008 1
need Kayak storage in Queen Anne Dennis Mitchell Williams 04/13/2008 1
Kayak Storage David McElmurry 01/26/2008 1
Massachusetts proposes mandating wet exits at the start of basic kayak classes Stephen Lowe 06/07/2007 1
Proposed changes to Coast Guard weather service Karen Borell 05/07/2007 2
Shoreline access to Anacortes Ferry Terminal Phil Hulse 04/10/2007 3
San Juan Islands guru needed Lisa A. Johnson 02/28/2007 1
The Kayak Roll Video Matthew Linden 02/27/2007 1
Kayak on a pickup truck with cap? Matthew Linden 01/18/2007 3
Elliot Bay Anomaly? Jay Reeves 01/13/2007 3
Membership Fees Phil Hulse 10/05/2006 2
Anyone interested in a surfski clinic? Will Greenough 09/28/2006 1
Sea Kayak Rentals in San Francisco Bay Kirk Alm 05/09/2006 3
Port Security Phil Hulse 05/07/2006 1
Public Shoreline Access to/from Ferries Phil Hulse 04/23/2006 1
KAYAK ACCESS AT FERRY DOCKS Phil Hulse 04/08/2006 11
WHAT KIND OF CLUB ARE WE? Phil Hulse 03/20/2006 18
Lost paddle Monica R. Lander 11/18/2005 1
Hood Canal Bridge closures in August Stephen Lowe 07/12/2005 1
Paddling in Birch Bay Area? Scott Eby 06/29/2005 1
Tide and Current Web resource... Gregory S. Chew 05/20/2005 3
New WKC pool rules and fees Stephen Lowe 04/20/2005 3
Email notification Felicia Wibowo 02/08/2005 2
Seattle Mountaineers Clubhouse Stephen Lowe 02/04/2005 4