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Seattle: Climbing: Water Ice Course

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DontDoWhatWeDid6.ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation) Analysis of Mountaineers WI Climbing Accidents Jeff Street 12/02/2008 1.7m
AvyInfoKananaskisAB.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Avy Info for Kananaskis Country, AB Thomas Lewis 01/08/2008 345k
Canadian Rockies Ice Avy.pdf (Portable Document Format file) Canadian Rockies Ice and Avy Brochure Thomas Lewis 02/08/2006 354k
Ice climbing technique.docx Ice Climbing Technique Notes David Johnson 10/13/2009 22k
lecture1.ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation) Intro to Leading WI Lecture #1 Presentation Jeff Street 12/02/2008 5m
Mixed climbing handout.doc (Microsoft Word Document) mixed climbing lecture notes Mike Burns 10/04/2006 36k
mixed climbing.ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation) mixed climbing presentation Mike Burns 10/04/2006 14.9m
eqlist.doc (Microsoft Word Document) sample ice climbing equipment list Mike Burns 10/04/2006 30k
Training Log.doc (Microsoft Word Document) sample training log Mike Burns 10/04/2006 49k
Student Handout 0607.doc (Microsoft Word Document) student handout 06-07 Mike Burns 10/05/2006 40k
training for ice climbing.htm Training for Ice Climbing Jeff Street 12/02/2008 15k
handout training for ice.doc (Microsoft Word Document) training for ice climbing lecture notes Mike Burns 10/04/2006 31k
training for ice1.ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation) training for ice climbing presentation Mike Burns 10/04/2006 20.8m

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