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First UTHRS Alpine Scramble
  Tue, July 26, 2005 09:32 AM
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****Bright Ideas****
  If you have suggestions for how this group can serve the "Younger Adult" Mountaineer community, post them here! How about letting us know what you think? We want your general comments, suggestions, and feedback.
Official Mountaineer Trips
  Approved UTHRs leaders will post Mountaineer sponsored trips and activities here. Sign up will be via the activities section of this website.
Private Activities (non Mountaineer)
  If you're looking to organize a non Mountaineer sponsored private outdoor activity - hike, bike ride, whatever - post it here!
Social Activities
  If you're looking to organize a private social activity - an art walk, movie night, concert - post it here!
The UTHRs Political Forum
  An exclusive place for UTHRs to discuss the isues involving the politics and general philosophy regarding our group.

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