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Wilderness Peak (Cougar Mtn)

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Seattle Naturalists

Cynthia Luksus

9:30 AM

Wilderness Creak Trailhead

From huge boulders to old rotting logs, greenery grows everywhere!! We will hike uphill 1.8 miles along the creek valley thru mixed forest to the Shy Bear Pass intersection; Shy Bear Pass Tr for approx 1 mile and then the Deceiver Tr 1.3 miles, to loop back to the Wilderness Peak Tr. From there we will climb .4 miles to the top of Wilderness Peak (peak log, but no real views) where we will have lunch. The hike then takes us down 1.3 miles along the Wilderness Cliffs back to the Wilderness Peak Tr .5 miles to the car.
Weather will determine if we do full hike or do only one loop for 4 miles. Mosses, fungi and lichen abound along the trail. We will stop to look at interesting specimen's and to take photos, while still trying to get in a bit of a workout before Thanksgiving Dinner! Dress for the weather, wear hiking boots, bring water and a lunch. I plan on being back at the cars no later than 2:30pm.

To get to the traihead: From I-90 going E, take exit 15 onto State Route 900. Drive south about 2.5 miiles to the Wilderness Creek trailhead. You will have to watch the righthand side of the road closely as the trailhead is kind of hidden up in the hillside. It is very easy to miss.

11/15/13 @ 9:00 AM

11/23/13 @ 5:00 PM

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Green Trails Cougar Mtn No. 203S

Day Hiking Snoqualmie Region