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Snowshoe Lite Course - Kitsap

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11/06/13 - 01/06/14

Kitsap Snowshoeing

Douglas V. Terry

8:00 AM

Silverdale Fire Station 51

Member: $140.00 / Non Member: $140.00
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WARNING: Snowshoeing is a minimum of twice as strenuous as walking, be ready. The student will recieve a text, but Freedom of the Hills is the best reference. Graduation requires Field Trip completion. Course is requisite to Kitsap's Winter Travel Course. Snowshoe Lite. The Snowshoe Lite Graduate should be able to: 1. Select apparel and equipment which provide acceptable comfort for expected weather and anticipated worst case scenarios, ensuring an enjoyable outing for winter conditions. 2. Select a snowshoe trip and route to avoid or minimize hazards while comfortably snowshoeing or traveling at a comfortable pace. 3. Know the required level of cardio vascular fitness for winter level events. 4. Demonstrate the ability to travel singly or in a group of snowshoers to optimize the speed, flexibility, and energy of the group over a variety of terrain. 5. Take decisive First Aid action for a winter weather related injury or condition. 6. Dig and distinguish between snow layers in a Snow Pit or Rutschblock. 7. Recognize avalanche conditions. 8. Recognize previous avalanches and discuss the conditions that caused their occurrence. 9. Discuss the action to take in the event you are caught in an avalanche. 10. Be able to detect significant density differences in the snowpack with an avalanche probe. 11. Know what action to take in “White Out” conditions. Be able to discuss what you would do in the event you are caught in conditions that require you to spend the night when you are not equipped as a backpacker. (Emergency Shelter Situation) 12. Recognize early on, the cause of accidents as reported in the Accidents in North American Mountaineering series that have occured in the Pacific Northwest Region.
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