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Basic Snowshoeing -Tacoma

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11/21/13 - 04/30/14

Tacoma Snowshoeing

Charles Celmer   (Qualified Youth Leader)

6:00 PM

Tacoma Program Center

Member: $65.00 / Non Member: $70.00 Member: $65.00 / Non Member: $70.00
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**Graduation requirements: 1 evening classroom session, 1 day long field snowshoe trip, 1 scheduled Mountaineers snowshoe trip and completion of a conservation activity.** This course provides students a solid foundation in snowshoeing. Topics covered are snowshoe techniques and travel, winter clothing and gear selection and conditioning for snowshoeing. Successful completion will allow the student to participate in Easy snowshoe outings. It will also allow an interested student to continue on to the next level course Backcountry Snowshoe. There are no pre-requisites for this course. Students age 10-13 may take this course if a parent or guardian registers and takes the course with them. Students age 14-17 may take the course without a parent or guardian but must have a signed waiver from the parent or guardian and committee approval. There will be a discount for a youth participating in the course with a fully paid parent or guardian. If you wish to utilize this option, please wait until November 4, 2013 when the couponing system will be in place. There will be a discount for people who want to take all three snowshoe modules (Basic Snowshoeing, Backcountry Snowshoeing and Winter Camping) and sign up at one time. If you wish to take advantage of this option, see Winter Travels - Tacoma and sign up for that instead of the three modules individually.
This session will meet at the Tacoma Program Center at 6:00PM on November 21 for a classroom session lasting till 9-9:30 PM depending on questions. An all day field trip will be held on Saturday Dec7. The meeting place and destination are left open due to unknown early season snow conditions. It is possible that the field trip may need to be rescheduled due to lack of snow or extreme weather. The meeting time for the field trip will be 7:00AM, we'll decide the best meeting place in class and students should leave the whole day open. Typically we do not use the whole day but gate closures and other unforseen problems might extend the normal time frame. In the case of Mt Rainier, we need to be done and headed down by about 4:30 which is when the gate closes for the night. If you already have gear, great, if not, it is suggested that you wait until the classroom session for hints before making purchases. We have left two weeks between the classroom session and the field trip to acquire needed equipment. Students have until April 30 to complete course requirements but that time can be extended by request thru the end of next year's snow season if requested by the student. There is a youth discount if you are a parent or guardian enrolling WITH a child from 10 - 17 yrs old.(one discount per parent/child)Youth under 10 cannot participate in this class. Email me to confirm your eligibility and to get a discount coupon code BEFORE ENROLLING. If you are considering taking all three snowshoe course modules (basic, back country and winter camping)check with me or see Snowshoeing/Winter Travels-Tacoma which is a combination of all three courses offered at a discount for signing up for them all at once. email any questions: Chuck Celmer

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11/21/13 @ 5:00 PM

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