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Introduction To Leading Bolted Routes - Seattle

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01/09/14 - 02/06/14

Seattle Climbing

Helen Arntson

6:00 PM

Seattle Program Center

Member: $125.00 / Non Member: $205.00
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Course Description:

The Introduction to Leading Bolted Routes Course is a program of classroom instruction designed to equip students with the fundamental technical skills and experience necessary to safely lead climb well bolted single pitch routes.

Instruction Topics:

  • Belaying/rappelling/cleaning/equipment
  • Clipping techniques
  • Route risk assessment
  • Clipping
  • Face climbing techniques
  • Leading a route
Must be able to top rope 5.9 comfortably indoors and/or outdoors; personal gear required: helmet, harness, shoes, belay device (tube, e.g. atc,reverso); 6 quickdraws, 6 locking carabiners; 2 personal anchors (PAS); 2 shoulder length sewn runners (8mm wide); 1 cordelette (20 ft of 6mm cordage); chalkbag optional. Ropes will be provided. DATES: 4 evening sessions 1/9, 1/23, 1/30, and 2/6. For course info or questions please contact Loni Uchytil at

10/07/13 @ 9:00 AM

01/06/14 @ 5:00 PM

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