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Dickerman snow scramble

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Everett Alpine Scrambling

David T. Brunner

7:00 AM

Frontier Village Lake Stevens

Only a scramble if snow covers part of trail. WARNING: There is a waterfall gully located at 4,200 ft where the trail traverses under a steep rock face. The rock funnels snow down into a fan of compressed snow and ice. It can become very steep. Because of the shade from trees, the pile often survives into June. After the snow melts it isn't hazardous at all, but when it is all piled up it can be steep and a slip can be deadly. In such conditions, an ice axe is mandatory and possibly even crampons. People should be prepared to turn around if not properly trained and equipped. Two fatalities were reported in 2006.
Preference given to Everett scramble students for sign up until May 21. We'll meet at Starbuck's (511 State Route 9 NE Lake Stevens, WA) next to McDonalds. Be sure to get the right Starbucks. If road not open yet past Deer Creek we will reroute to Arrowhead mtn near Stevens Pass

05/10/13 @ 9:00 AM

05/24/13 @ 5:00 PM
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